Farm Wars The Game Structure

Chapter 1 : Farm Wars The Game Structure
Ready for War
The Farm Wars is a real-time strategy game of PVP.
There are 2 ways to play the game :
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    Fun to Play: This is a play-for-fun game version and will be available for every user that will download the game app. this will not require NFTs to start the game, and the PFF version cannot make the player any profits.
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    K2E: the first of its kind "Kill to Earn" version of the game is available only for users holding an official Farm Wars Warrior NFT. Players will earn by destroying their opponents. The warrior NFT will give the user a farm to start playing, and the player can begin to plan his moves to become an unstoppable farm owner.
Where do your earnings come from? First, it's essential to understand the Farm Wars game is built on a player vs. player mode, meaning every profit you will earn will come directly from another player you are up against. We will break it down to the most minor details and explain the whole game economy.
How to get FW in-game coins? Once the full game launches, we will deploy a conversion portal, that will allow players to buy FW coin boxes in various sizes. Players can convert the FW coins back to stable coins in the same portal and cash out their profits from the game.
FW coins conversion examples:
For example (these numbers are for the example only and will vary in the game), a player can choose to convert one of the following packages:
  • convert 10$ to 1000 FW in-game coins
  • convert 30$ to 3750 FW in-game coins
  • convert 60$ to 6750 FW in-game coins
  • convert 85$ to 10000 FW in-game coins
the conversion back to stable coins will work in the same way.
NFTs are the warriors that hold the farm. a player must hold a warrior NFT to be in the P2E version of the game and earn real money from the game.
Now that you know what's in it for you, you must master the game. The first step will be to choose your side! with 3 different armies and different capabilities, this is a very important step toward becoming a Farm Wars guru.
Let's look at each army type in the next chapter.