Revenge Previous Attacks

Chapter 5 : The Farm Wars Game Mechanics
When the player's farm is attacked and looted, the attacked farm will be able to avenge that attack in the revenge window in the game. This means the player can see the farm that attacked him and attack it back to try and retrieve the looted coins.
The revenge function will carry the same cost as the attack function, and the player must deposit those coins to go on to revenge. If the revenge is successful, the player will claim the same rewards as a regular attack which is 15% of the available FW coins and the mutant liquid in the attacked farm.
The revenge function will be available for a certain period after the attack. If a player does not go on revenge, it will eventually disappear, and only more recent attacks will appear on the revenge window.
Revenge is very important for the player's overall scoring. Winning a revenge will give a player more XP points than a regular attack. Let's not forget revenging a player who looted your farm is a very satisfying feeling