Attacking Other Farms

Chapter 5 : The Farm Wars Game Mechanics
The game mechanics are very straightforward. Players earn FW coins by looting other farms and protecting their coins with a strong defense.
Let's break it down into examples:
The player owns a Chicken farm at level 4 and decides to attack a nearby farm. The player will ALWAYS see available farms to attack in his level range, meaning at level 4, the player will not find on the attack search farms at level 1 or level 6 but only farms at levels 3, 4, or 5. This maintains the logic of a player attacking farms in his level of strength and not attacking defenseless farms that cannot stand a chance against his level.
It's crucial to understand the loot will grow more extensively as the farm level grows.
For example, if a player at level 4 attacks a farm at level 3, the loot available will be much bigger than a farm at level 1 attacking a farm at level 1. That is because as the farms advance in levels, the available loot grows on the Mutant liquid and FW tokens.
To start an attack, a player must "deposit" a certain amount of FW coins - the amount will vary according to the farm level - the higher the level, the higher the deposited amount will be.
The deposit is made automatically from the available FW coins in the farm account, and there is no action needed from the player's side except choosing which farm to attack. The deposited amount will always be the same for each farm level regardless of who the player attacks.
A farm must have a certain amount of coins to go on attacks or to get attacked. Those coins ensure that if a player's farm is attacked, the amount of coins to loot is bigger than the deposited amount.
The deposit mechanism for attacking ensures there is no abuse by players. If every attack requires a deposit amount the player will not attack other farms endlessly and be cautious about each attack. This mechanism will ensure a healthy balance between looted rewards to "lost" deposits.