Why We Choose Not To Have a Native Crypto?

Chapter 6 : The Farm Wars Ecosystem
We have worked on this ecosystem structure for a long time to ensure the sustainability of the game. The decision not to issue a new FW crypto coin was made for various reasons, which all showed us it comes to the same result:
Without an in-game coin, the game will be more sustainable and more profitable.
Let's look at those reasons :
  • Volatility- If the game has its native coin, the team must ensure the volatility will be minimal. If the coin loses value, the game profits will lose value, and players will be discouraged from playing the game. Also worth mentioning we are developers and not traders and learning from many other projects we understand that the team's efforts to keep the coin at good price ranges will cost plenty of resources at the expense of development and marketing budgets not to mention time-consuming and emotional disrupting. By working with stable coins as a direct reward to our players, we are avoiding all of that and rewarding players with a coin that will always be more stable and have much more holders than a native coin for a game can have.
  • Legality: The legality of issuing a tradable asset that has a liquidity pool behind it is still a gray area. The laws in this field are not as clear to us as they are to anyone because of regulation changes and adoption expansion. We must ensure the Farm Wars game will stand the test of time and be available for many years, and to do that avoiding issuance of a new cryptocurrency and not being subjected to the new regulations emerging in this space is the safest action we can take.
  • Scams - Scams are widespread in the crypto space. After being in this space for years, we honestly can say we have seen it all. Many other troubling factors can hurt our community, players, and game, from phishing attacks to impersonation. We prevent that by not having an official native coin and integrating with a robust and secured blockchain such as SUI.
  • Security Breach - Security is at the top of our to-do list when building play-to-earn games. A minor breach can offset the game and cause a lot of players to lose their money and interest in the game. The game will hold only in-game coins with no actual value in the real world and can only be converted to stable coins in our conversion portal. Any hack or breach will result in a hacker stealing in-game coins that are all sitting in the game metadata, and the account will be terminated instantly, deleting all the coins the hacker may have "taken." If this was real crypto, the hacker could export them out to a different platform and "cash-out", but having FW coins as an in-game coin with no value and no option for transfer as they don't exist on the blockchain will deter any hacker from attacking the game as there is nothing that can be stolen with an actual value. We are working long and hard to ensure the game will be secure and report every abnormal error log directly to the team.
We are always keeping an open mind for future developments. If the community and players demand an actual cryptocurrency for Farm Wars, the team will be open to that idea.