FW loot Boxes

Chapter 5 : Sub : Upgrading the Farm
The FW loot boxes can contain a variety of items. From upgrade NFTs to FW coins to rare upgrade NFTs and more. No boxes are the same!
There are 2 ways to get FW loot boxes :
  • Airdropped on special events or competitions that will be held in the community on various tasks and achievements - stay tuned to our community.
  • The element of surprise.
The element of surprise:
This is completely random. When players will log into the game they will find them landed on his farm waiting to be picked up.
How do we decide who gets what? we don't! the FW loot boxes are totally randomized by the game metadata and cannot be predicted in any way and players will not get the same content from each box. We do not have any control over the FW loot boxes, their arrival times, or their content.
FW Loot Box Level 2