The Farm Wars Ecosystem

Chapter 6 : The Farm Wars Ecosystem
The Farm Wars ecosystem is a new structure of a K2E game and supports an ideology that players will earn stable coins in a skill-based game.
To do so we had to build an in-game ecosystem that will co-serve internally in the game and externally on the blockchain to make sure it will be rewarding enough for players to spend their time playing Farm Wars.
The conversion process: players will convert FW coins in and out of the game on set amounts as mentioned in the example here.
By ensuring it's a set amount of coins in or out we can ensure that there is enough money to send back to players that are cashing out.
The circulation of FW coins in the game cannot exceed the amount of stable coins sent by players through the Farm Wars conversion portal because coins must be bought first in order to sell ( please see Transaction circulation for a more detailed explanation).
The loot process: As discussed previously, a successful attack will yield 15% of the total FW coins held by the attacked farm. In order to ensure that the deposit the attacker puts is smaller than the loot (if not then why attack if the potential reward is smaller), the farm must hold a certain relative amount of coins to be able to attack or revenge.