The Farm Wars NFTs

Chapter 1: Farm Wars The Game Structure
No disrespect but our NFTs actually have meaning
The Farm Wars is divided to several kinds of NFTs that a player will encounter along the game.
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    Warrior NFTs : These are the main NFTs to start playing the K2E version off Farm Wars, without holding a warrior NFT a player cannot earn from the game. These NFTs will be minted on a mint date set by the team and will have a relatively small as the first minting round. Warrior NFTs will come out on a set period of time yearly and will increase the number of players in the game after every mint.
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    Upgrade NFTs: Upgrade NFTs will be minted for various upgrades such as building upgrades, warrior upgrades, weapon upgrades and defense upgrades. The upgrade NFTs are not minted on a specific date and are not limited by amount but instead by collection duration. Every upgrade collection will be changed every season (yearly quarter) creating a rarity aspect to upgrades that are no longer available through the game, only through the secondary market. If a player did not reach an upgrade mint point in the game before the collection duration ends, he will not be exposed to that mint and will have to buy it on the secondary market.
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    Special NFTs and Rare items: Special NFTs can be NFTs of rare buildings (see more information here). These NFTs are not limited by amount or date but by collection duration just like upgrade NFTs. These buildings will grant extra power to the farm on different parameters. Aside from those, rare NFTs will appear during every game season and will have special features and powers.. we cannot say much more cause it's all very secretive for now.
All NFT Warrior holders from the first mint will be added to the QA group of the game.
Getting eager to mint one already ? so are we!