The Storing Facility

Chapter 4 : Buildings And Facilities
The storing facility will keep your mutant liquid safe! Every time a player will log in to the game he will collect the mined liquid by tapping the mining facility and transferring it to the storing facility.
The storing facility can store more liquid as players upgrade their headquarters and advance their farms to the next level. Once that is done players can upgrade the storing facility and have a bigger capacity to store their liquid.
Advancing in levels on the farm will give the player the ability to build moe storing facilities on the farm.
If there is no room in the storing facility players cannot mine any more mutant liquid and will need to either spend the liquid first by spawning new warriors, upgrading their current facility to hold a bigger capacity of liquid, or building a new storing facility. Only then the mining facility will start mining again.
The farm will start with one storing facility. The player can build multiple storing facilities on his farm according to the farm’s level.