The Tournament

Chapter 5 : The Farm Wars Game Mechanics
The Farm Wars final game version will include the very exciting - Arena Death Match. As part of the monthly tournament, players can choose their strongest warrior to compete in the Farm Wars Arena game.
The objective in the arena game is to kill as many players as possible in a 3 minutes round duration. Every warrior that you eliminate will earn one point.
The player with the most eliminations will win the battle, earn all the collected FW game coins, and will be named victorious in that round.
The winners of each round will go further to compete against the other winners in other arena matches in a form of a tournament until one winner will be declared at the end of the tournament.
In every round, the winner will collect all the collective FW coins from all the players. The final winner of the tournament will receive a DOUBLE FW coins reward on all coins earned during all the tournament stages.
The tournament will be played on a monthly basis and will be announced in the game and on all of our socials, the final battle with the remaining 5 winners will be broadcasted live on our youtube channel and hosted by our team with full narration, we can't wait !!
Sample from the Tournament battles
Think you got a chance to be the ultimate arena warrior? it won't be so easy, so you better start training now💪.