The Farm Wars QA Group

Chapter 1: Farm Wars The Game Structure
QA feature when purchasing an NFT
All participants when purchasing the Farm Wars official NFT will be added to our exclusive quality assurance group. This group will have first access to the game improvements and new features.
Upon minting an NFT, the buyer will be requested to fill in his email address in order to receive his username and password to the Farm Wars game backend. There the user can enter the game updates and added features and fill in a short survey on his experience.
Along with that QA users will have an exclusive entry to our QA group room on discord.
The QA group will have a lot of decision power and will be able to affect the game development, UI, UX, styling, and more by replaying the questioner. The results of the questionnaire will be published to the community and discussed further to explain what changes will be made according to that feedback.
QA Group Obligations and Rewards:
1. The QA group users will provide input on the following :
A. UI / UX of the game
B. Sound effects and music
C. Game features and attributes
D. Game upgrade features
E. Character design
F. Attack / Revenge features
G. Environment design
2. Distribution of rewards once the game is released, players in the QA group will earn prizes in the form of FW coins, and the value of those rewards will depend on how well they respond to email surveys issued to users after each update to the game.
3. Every new feature added to the game will be subject to a unanimous veto by the QA team.
Being part of the Farm Wars QA group is obviously a big deal and we are very excited to get direct input from our holders and improve the game to the next level.