Mutant Liquid

Chapter 3 : Game Resources
As explained in the video showing how farm wars came about, you can understand the mutation of the warriors came from interaction with the 'Mutant liquid' in Elon Musk's secret lab (Shhhh..).After the lab explosion, the mutant liquid got soaked in the ground and needs to be extracted.
The player will be able to extract Mutant liquid with a mining rig on the farm and will be able to store it in the storing facility.
The Mutant liquid has one purpose - to spawn more warriors! The amount of warriors you will be able to spawn depends on how much mutant liquid you have available, how much mutant liquid your storing facility can hold and how much space you have left in your warrior barracks.
Mutant liquid can be looted on attacks if it is not in the storing device! So make sure its protected and don't say we didn't warn you.